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Message from the Director of Faculty

Founded in 1956, the computer major at Harbin Institute of Technology(HIT)has more than 60 years of history and foundation. It has formed distinct disciplinary characteristics, trained a group of outstanding talents in the field of computer, obtained a series of significant scientific research achievements for national security, national defense, aerospace, and national economy. It is now among the top 100 computer science disciplines in the world.

On the occasion of the centenary anniversary of HIT and standing at a new starting point, Harbin Institute of Technology has established Faculty of Computing, which is built across campuses, including School of Computer Science and Technology, National Pilot School of Software, and School of Cyberspace Security in Harbin, and coordinating Schools of Computer Science and Technology in Weihai and Shenzhen campuses as a whole. Harbin Institute of technology will build a strong disciplinary group of computing and provide assistance for the development of other related disciplines in the era of intelligence.

All teachers and students in Faculty of Computing of HIT will seize the opportunity, work together to forge ahead, and continue the legend through adhering to the school-running philosophy of developing first-class disciplines, producing first-class achievements, building first-class bases, and cultivating first-class talents, and undertaking the mission of rejuvenating the schools, strengthening the Faculty, honoring the university and serving the country.




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